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American Society for Action on Pain

Chronic Pain Research References - Table of Contents


Chronic Pain Research References

Epidural pain treatment in the northern Netherlands

Importance of effective pain control.

Which potent opioid? Important criteria for selection

Continuous sc infusion of narcotics using a portable disposable device in patients with advanced

Methylphenidate associated with narcotics for the treatment of cancer pain

Swim stress reduces chronic pain in mice through an

Pharmacological analysis of hyperventilation in arthritic rats

Subcutaneous formalin-induced activity of dorsal horn neurones in the rat: differential response

The clinical usefulness of agonist-antagonistic opioid analgesics in chronic pain

Use and abuse of opioid analgesics in chronic pain

On the adverse reactions and efficacy of long-term treatment with flupirtine: preliminary results

The use of clonidine for the treatment of meperidine

Treatment of the pain syndrome in cancer patients by peridural administration of low doses of opiates

Management of chronic low back pain: a comprehensive approach.

Management of chronic pain

A model of chronic pain in the rat: