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New York Times December 5, 1913


In 1912 They Totaled 200,000 Pounds Less Than In 1909.

The crusade which the Federal Government has been carrying on against opium smoking has resulted in a falling off in imports of gum opium. In 1909 imports of the drug were 700,000 pounds. Last year only 500,000 pounds were imported, according to the evidence given yesterday at the trial before Judge Grubb in the Federal District Court of Lionel W. Widder and Simon Berman, druggists at 502 West Broadway, and Ing Quong Quack for having conspired to manufacture smoking opium.

Frank Aranow, counsel for Widder & Berman, stated that he intended to show that his clients had been tricked by Federal authorities into furnishing evidence against themselves. The defense will open its case this morning.

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