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The New York Times March 5, 1949
Special to the New York Times

WASHINGTON, March 4-- Seizures of cocaine and heroin last hear were on a scale "unknown since before" World War II, Commissioner of Narcotics Harry J. Anslinger and Acting Commissioner of Customs Frank Dow reported to Secretary Snyder of the Treasury Department today. Captures of marijuana showed a high increase.

During 1948, seizures of heroin reached 1,044 ounces as compared with 818 in 1947. Cocaine captures jumped from 36 ounces to 175 in the two years.

However, the total seizures of narcotic drugs fell from 7,894 ounces to 4,990. These drugs include morphine, heroin, cocaine, demerol and amidone.

Marijuana seizures were no fewer than 48,822 ounces in 1948 as contrasted with 27,314 in the previous year. In addition to bulk marijuana the seizures included 463 ounces of marijuana seed and 24,635 marijuana cigarettes.

More than 3,000 pounds of marijuana were taken on the Mexican border. On dec. 19, the largest seizure in twelve years came when 363 pounds were found at a Texas town called Progress.

Total arrests for violating narcotic and marijuana laws increased from 2,827 to 3,895. Of these, marijuana arrests went from 871 to 1,297.

Most of the illicit narcotics came from Mexico, Turkey, Iran and India. Important seizures of heroin, cocaine and morphine were made on ships arriving from France, Italy, Chile and Peru.

In their preliminary report, Messrs. Anslinger and Dow told of seizures in New York. The "first important narcotic seizure in history" aboard a commercial airplane from abroad came when ten pounds of heroin were found June 26, concealed in an Air France liner from Marseille. Heroin was discovered among the crew of the Italian ship Vulcania early last year and again in October.

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