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The New York Times January 12, 1952
6 Correction Aides, 3 Civilian Employees of City Prison Linked to Inmate Sales

Raid Under De Luca's Direction Follows 6 Month Inquiry-- 2 Women Also Taken

A ring of nine correction officers and civilian employees at the city penitentiary on Rikers Island that allegedly had smuggled narcotics to inmates for "about a year" was broken up yesterday in what was described as "one of the largest narcotics round-ups inside a prison."

District Attorney George B. DeLuca of the Bronx, who headed a six-month investigation, said last night that "this may lead us into other channels" and that "there may be other arrests."

He declared that he could not "say at this time" how much narcotics was involved or how many prisoners had been supplied.

The investigation on the 400-acre island in the East River off the southeast Bronx shore was brought to a climax yesterday morning with a raid by members of the District Attorney's staff and thirty detectives.

Arrests Made on Ferry Boat

The nine accused were arrested as they boarded a ferry boat to go to work at 8 A.M. All were booked at the Alexander Avenue station.

Three of the corrections officers and three civilians were charged with violating two sections of the Penal Law--- section 1751, which prohibits the illegal sale of narcotics, a felony, and section 1691, which prohibits taking contraband into or out of a city penitentiary, a misdemeanor.

The three other corrections officers were charged with extortion. Mr. DeLuca said these three attempted to "shake down" an inmate for $300. He said a tenth person, the wife of an inmate, was being held as a material witness and that another woman, an "offshoot" of the case, was arrested for possession of hypodermic needles.


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