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American Society for Action on Pain

Chronic Pain Research References - Table of Contents


Chronic Pain Research References

Opioid agonist-antagonist drugs in acute and chronic pain states

Legal aspects of the management of chronic pain

Epidural analgesia: a viable option for pain control

When and why I use pethidine

Continuous subcutaneous infusions for pain control

Nonnarcotic analgesics and tricyclic antidepressants for the treatment of chronic nonmalignant pain

Treatment principles for the use of opioids in pain of nonmalignant origin

Awareness of substance abuse in orthopedic patients

Abnormal adrenal gland metabolism in opioid addicts: Implications for clinical treatment

Treatment of chronic pain with LARQ 731, a new alternative to opiate analgesics

Prescribing for chronic pain

Chronic opioid therapy in patients with a remote history of substance abuse


Initial clinical experience with the SKY epidural catheter

Is the therapeutic use of opioids adversely affected by prejudice and law?

Notes from the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists