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References on Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates
Frequently Asked Questions about Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates


Drug Source

synthesized from codeine

Trade Name

only found as a compound product combined with aspirin or acetaminophen. Available in Canada as a single product in the form of a suppository

Street Name


Medical Uses

* relief of moderate to severe pain

Drug Combinations

Percodan is aspirin and oxycodone

Percocet is acetaminophen and oxycodone

Physical Appearance

Percodan tablets are color coded according to quantity of oxycodone in each tablet, the pink have ~2.5mg and the orange and green having twice as much

Controlled Substance Status

Schedule II in US




10 - 20mg oral for pain relief

5 - 15mg injection


Doses similar to those used in a medical setting are used

Routes Of Administration

Can be administered orally, three injection routes, sniffed and possibly smoked.

Short Term Use


CNS, Behavioral, Subjective:

Same as morphine but milder.


Less respiratory depression than morphine


Less constipating than morphine


3 - 4 hours

Dependency Potential


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