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References on Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates
Frequently Asked Questions about Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates


Schaffer Library Guide to Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates

Frequently Asked Questions About Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates

Heroin / Morphine FAQ

by Clifford A. Schaffer, Webmaster  Druglibrary.org

The purpose of this guide

As the founder of the world's largest Internet resource on drug policy, I get many questions from readers about heroin, morphine, and the opiates. Their questions come from many sources. Some have a family member who is using heroin or other illegal drugs. Other questions come from pain patients who want to know more about the drugs that are being prescribed for them. Other questions come from people who are currently using heroin and realized that they don't know all they should about the subject. Many of these people have little to no experience or knowledge of these drugs and, unfortunately, there is quite a bit of misinformation on the Internet about these drugs.

In my position as the Druglibrary.org webmaster I have been in an unique position to hear from current heroin users, family members of heroin users, the counselors and doctors who treat them, law enforcement officials, and many others affected by the fallout from the use of heroin, morphine, and similar narcotics.

Therefore, I have written these pages as a guide to those who are new to the opiates, legal or illegal. I have attempted to use simple, ordinary layman's language throughout these pages rather than complicated medical terms. For those who may be unsure about the terms I have used, please refer to the Glossary of Terms linked below.

This guide is a work in progress. If you have additional questions that are not covered in this guide, or if you have comments, please send them to: DrugLibrary Webmaster

What is a "narcotic" drug?

What is Heroin / Morphine?

What is the difference between heroin and ordinary medical morphine?

What are some of the drugs related to heroin and morphine?

Where does heroin come from?

Is marijuana a "gateway" to heroin?

How addictive is heroin?

How bad is heroin withdrawal?

What are the dangers of heroin?

What is heroin "overdose"?

What should I do if someone near me has an overdose from heroin or other opiates?

How many people are killed by heroin?

When was heroin outlawed, and why?

What are the treatment options for someone with a heroin problem?

Someone I know is using heroin. How concerned should I be?

What are other countries doing about heroin?

Glossary of terms relating to heroin and the opiates



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