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TAMPA DAILY TIMES - (Oct 18, 1933) - page 1. JOIN FUNERAL FOR 5 VICTIMS Services to be Held at 4 O'clock Tuesday at Mortuary Chapel

Joint funeral services for the five victims of a madman's brutal axe will be held tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at the chapel of J. L. Reed & Son, Florida and Palm Aves. Simple rites will be conducted by Rev. Anthony Besovzzi S. J., pastor of the Most Holy Name Roman Catholic Church, of which all were members. Burial will be in L'Unione Itallana Cemetery.

Rites will be held for Michael and Rosalia Licata, parents of the family; Providence, 22-year-old daughter; Philip 14, and Joseph 8, killed by Victor Licata, 21 who is now in county Jail.

Pallbearers for Providence will be Alfred Reina, Peter Pupallo, Peter Matlina, Sam Puppello, John Z. Ferlita Jr. and Ernest reina; for Philip will be Santa Trafficante, Joe F. Cacciatore, Frank Ferreri and Mike La Barbera; for Joseph John Minardi, Frank Massari and Ernest Maas Jr. and Sante Fierita. Pallbearers for Mr. And Mrs. Licata will be named later.

Hundreds of relatives and friends of the Licata family are visiting the funeral parlors of J. L. Reed & Son where the bodies are lying.

J. Rex Farrior, State attorney, today said no inquest will be held. An inquest or other preliminary investigation, Farrior said, is unnecessary.

Flarrior has not determined what (Continued on Page 4) steps he will take to, have young Licata answer for his crime.

If the killer is a victim of chronic or recurrent insanity, it was pointed out today, he is not responsible, from a legal standpoint, for the murders.

But if he committed the murders in a fit of temporary insanity brought on by indulgence in narcotics or marijuana cigarettes, he is just as responsible for the crime as a man who kills while under the influence of liquor, it was pointed out.

Farrior is conducting a close study of young Licata's past life, actions and activities. His findings, he said, will determine the course he will take.

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