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American Society for Action on Pain

Chronic Pain Research References - Table of Contents


Chronic Pain Research References

Preemptive analgesia

Analgesic effect of two calcitonins and in vitro interaction with opioids

Perineurial defect and peripheral opioid analgesia in inflammation

Mu-, delta-, kappa-opioid receptors and their subtypes. A critical review with

Individual variability in the response to different opioids: report of five cases

Opiate and opioid use in patients with refractory headache

Disappearance of morphine-induced hyperalgesia after discontinuing or

Pain Management Medications s

Pharmacological management of chronic pain: a clinician's perspective

Medical legal and ethical questions in palliative medicine and euthanasia

Overview of current development in patient-controlled analgesia

Nurses' assessment of pain intensity and choice of analgesic dose.

Electrophysiologic analysis of preemptive effects of spinal opioids on

Enhancement of opiate analgesia by nimodipine in cancer patients chronically treated with morphine: a preliminary report.

Continuous regional analgesia by intraneural block: effect on postoperative

A survey examining nurses' knowledge of pain control

Pharmacy-perceived barriers to cancer pain control: