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Chronic Pain Research References - Table of Contents


Chronic Pain Research References

Review of the rectal use of opioids

Chronic pain conditions--causes, manifestations and neurosurgical treatment possibilities

Character of terminal illness in the advanced cancer patient: pain and other symptoms

Patient-controlled analgesia for chronic cancer pain in the ambulatory setting

Spinal cord stimulation in chronic pain therapy

Percutaneous dorsal column stimulator for chronic pain

Why are chronic pain patients given opioids via injections?

Pain management with spinally administered opioids.

Long-term use of narcotics in pain therapy

Managing chronic pain with a permanent epidural catheter

Benzodiazepine use by chronic pain patients

Intraventricular morphine for intractable craniofacial pain

Understanding cancer pain

Chronic TM disorder and non-TM disorder pain

The multidisciplinary outpatient pain clinic in relation to anesthesia

Tramal in the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes in cancer patients

Constant infusion of morphine for intractable cancer pain using an implanted pump

Medication-induced performance deficits: analgesics and narcotics

Chronic opioid therapy in nonmalignant pain.

The nature of opioid responsiveness and its implications for neuropathic pain

Breakthrough pain: definition, prevalence and characteristics

The management of cancer pain

Chronic opioid therapy in nonmalignant pain

Adrenal medullary implants in the rat spinal cord reduce nociception in a chronic pain model

Spinal opiate administration: a case of catheter misplacement

Noradrenergic and opioidergic influences on the antinociceptive effect of clomipramine

Intraspinal analgesia: a new route for an old drug

Endogenous opioids and their therapeutic use in the treatment of pain

Pediatric pain clinics: Recommendations for their development

The assessment and treatment of pain in the emergency room

Steroid celiac plexus block for chronic pancreatitis: results in 16 cases

Lack of significant changes in mu, delta opioid binding sites and neutral endopeptidase

Diagnostic epidural opioid technique

Radioimmunoassay of buprenorphine in urine: studies in patients and in a drug clinic

Arthritic inflammation in rats as a model of chronic pain: role of opioid systems.

Pain Management Medications

Comparison of subjective and objective analgesic effects of intravenous and intrathecal morphine in chronic pain patients by heat beam dolorimetry

Electrophysiological evidence for a tonic activity of the spinal cord intrinsic opioid systems in a chronic pain model