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Marijuana - Medical Information

Possible Therapeutic Cannabis Applications for Psychiatric Disorders

Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.



Code Condition

314.01 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

312.00 Solitary aggressive type

312.00 Undifferentiated type

313.81 Oppositional defiant disorder

313.xx Anxiety Disorders of Childhood or Adolescence

307.xx Eating Disorders

307.xx Tic Disorders

307.xx Speech Disorders NEC

290.xx Dementias Arising in the Senium and Presenium

Psychoactive Substance-Induced Organic Mental Disorders

291.xx Alcoholic withdrawal delirium, hallucinosis, amnestic, etc.

292.xx Other drug withdrawal, delirium, delusional disorder (except 292.11 cannabis delusional disorder)

293.xx, 294.xx, 310.10 Organic Mental Disorders associated with Axis III physical disorders or conditions, or whose etiology is unknown.

304.xx, 305.xx Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders (except cannabis)

296.xx, 295.70, 300.40, 311.00 Mood Disorders

300.xx Anxiety Disorders, Somatiform Disorders, Dissociative Disorders

302.xx Sexual Disorders

307.xx Sleep Disorders

312.xx Impulse Control Disorders NEC

309.xx Adjustment Disorder

316.00 Psychological Factors Affecting Physical Condition

301.xx Personality Disorders (Axis II)



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