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American Society for Action on Pain


American Society for Action on Pain

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"Skip Baker demonstrates the amount of weight he lost because of severe, untreated chronic pain. He went without eating for 14 months, while the State of Virginia was deciding if he would be an "authorized pain patient," and get an increase in his pain medication. He averaged a one inch loss around the middle per month, for a total of 14 inches for the 14 months! This is like torture for a State to do this to a Pain Patient, who they knew all along, has Ankylosing Spondylitis," a VERY painful spinal disease.

"The decision to make him an 'authorized' pain patient could have been made in one hour by a good pain specialist, if this system wasn't in place in Virginia.

Skip Baker is President of ASAP and he would like you to join him in the campaign for sensible pain treatment. You can contact him at: skipb@widomaker.com or see our President's Page.

Documents and Resources

Who We Are - And how you can help

WB01443_.gif (383 bytes)The Panic Button -- Do you need immediate help with treatment for chronic pain?  See this link.

To Get Help for Pain go to: 

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Doonesbury on Pain Treatment -- The Doonesbury comic strip from Sunday, July 26, 1998

Understanding The Issues

In order to understand how we got to the present problems with pain management in the US, it is necessary to understand basic facts about heroin, the opiates, and the history of our laws and policies regarding these drugs. The best overall view of this issue, in our opinion, comes from the first section of the Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs. We recommend the following chapters as basic to the understanding of how we got to the current problems with pain patients.

Deadly Morals,  By Katherine Eban Finkelstein - The DEA is busting doctors for prescribing drugs and patients are dying in pain.

The Police State of Medicine by Dr. William Hurwitz -- Dr. Hurwitz is the doctor who was featured on 60 Minutes because he was persecuted for treating patients with severe chronic pain.  He is one of the heroes of our time.

Caught in Pain's Vicious Cycle, an interview with Dr. William Hurwitz

Medical Society of Virginia's Guidelines for the Use of Opioids in the Management of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain.

Senate Bill 402 - California, 1997 - Pain Patient's Bill of Rights

Summary:. Existing law, the Intractable Pain Treatment Act, authorizes a physician and surgeon to prescribe or administer controlled substances to a person in the course of treating that person for a diagnosed condition called intractable pain, and prohibits the Medical Board of California from disciplining a physician and surgeon for this action. This bill would establish the Pain Patient's Bill of Rights and would state legislative findings and declarations regarding the value of opiate drugs to persons suffering from severe chronic intractable pain. It would, among other things, authorize a physician to refuse to prescribe opiate medication for a patient who requests the treatment for severe chronic intractable pain, require the physician to inform the patient that there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain with methods that include the use of opiates, and authorize a physician who prescribes opiates to prescribe a dosage deemed medically necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Opioids - by Mike Hamilton

Fact Sheet on Chronic Non-Malignant Pain by Marcia E. Bedard, Ph.D.

Opioid Pain Killers Available in the US



Pain Management Resources
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Pain Management Policy - California Board of Registered Nurses

Prescribing Controlled Substances for Pain - A Statement by the Medical Board of California

Summit on Effective Pain Management: Removing Impediments to Appropriate Prescribing - Summit Report - State of California - 1994

The Tragedy of Needless Pain by Ronald Melzack -- Scientific American February 1990 Volume 262 Number 2 -- Contrary to popular belief, the author says, morphine taken solely to control pain is not addictive. Yet patients worldwide continue to be undertreated and to suffer unnecessary agony

The Painful Dilemma -- The Use of Narcotics for the Treatment of Chronic Pain, A report prepared by the Sacramento-El Dorado Medical Society ad hoc committee on the treatment of pain, 1990

Anatomy of a pain summit from November, 1994 - Sacramento, Medicine By Harvey L. Rose, MD

State of Florida Medical Guidelines on Pain Management Using Dangerous Drugs and Controlled Substances, 1996

Medical References on Pain and Pain Medication - Part 1

Medical References on Pain and Pain Medication - Part 2

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